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Impression Plus® Backwashing Filters


Impression Plus filters effectively and efficiently treat water problems from both city and well sources. These flexible backwashing filters treat water based on the media used.

IMBF: Turbidex for Particle Removal

This high quality, granular zeolite media is produced from a unique mineral deposit that has high surface area and porosity, making it far more effective than the sand that other systems use. The surface of Turbidex features microscopic minerals that allow particulate matter to penetrate deeply into the bed.

IMBF: Carbon for Taste and Odor

Chlorine and slight sulfur odors can be removed by a carbon filter unit. However, when odors are extreme, your water treatment professional may recommend a chemical feed system to help increase the life of a carbon unit. In such installations, this series of filters will effectively remove the bad taste and odor that come from chlorine and sulfur.

IMBF-AN: Acid Neutralizer

Treats acidic water that can be harmful and corrosive to your entire plumbing system.

IMAN-IMF: A Versatile Filter

When your household system simply needs a little extra filtering, this versatile filter can be used as an up-flow acid neutralizer (IMAN) or a down-flow filter (IMF).

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