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The leaders in water conditioning for over 40 years! 

In 1981, owner Scott Damon connected with Lorrainne Patterson to develop the Patterson iron remover. In 1983, Scott opened the doors of IronFree & SoftWater Systems and began selling Patterson iron removers and TruSoft water softeners. Due to the ever-changing and rapidly improving technology of water conditioning systems, IronFree & SoftWater Systems started offering Water-Right’s Sanitizer in 1998. IronFree & SoftWater Systems partnered with Water-Right® in 2000 and continues to provide the Onsted and surrounding areas with quality water. 


At Ironfree & Softwater Systems, our certified and trained technicians specialize in installing and repairing water conditioning systems. Our American-made products remove iron, contaminants and minerals in your residential, commercial or industrial water supply.

Feel secure in knowing you are getting the best products and services for your water. We are members of the Water Quality Association and the Michigan Water Quality Association to offer you the best for your water conditioning needs.
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